Thursday, 10 March 2011


Anyone know where all the tupperware tubs have gone, there used to be about ten and now there's only three. My wonderfull soul partner in this universe, has taken to putting mystery leftovers in dessert bowls with a saucer on top in the fridge. See trying to squeeze a tub o sour cream out between a stacko plates on bowls and the other thing whatever it was, plums.
I know what's going on, she gets up in the dark, all innocent and then slipping down to her midnight, hermetically sealed plastic tub in a range of sizes, gambling scamola with her mates, sneaking in from the village.

I've heard the popping and the laughing and I'm onto them now.

I've alerted the tupperware squad and together we're going to blow that whole ring wide open.
The kids have taken to making up their tuna mayonnaisse (it's not really fish dad) in this handy bowl, that's not that handy when it's full o something in the fridge. So I got a special dedicated tuna tub when I was in the £1 shop the other day getting a psychadelic, fluffy, steering wheel cosy for the forklift..... It' broke!

I expected better. I'm going back there to demand satisfaction!

Perth farmers market organisers were having a themed one, to go with 'Earth Day' and asked us traders to come up with some energy saving ideas. I just stayed in my bed.

Doing my bit for the planet, just trying to make a difference folks.

Cafe's opening again from Friedegg the 24th march and on the weekend we're launching the new cider with a 21 bottle salute. A free glass for everyone on the day. Theyr'll be live music too if anyone wants to come along and sing us a song.

I'm not as funny as I used to be, at this rate of deterioration, in a year, I'll be eligible for an amusing column in the Scotland on Sunday. Did I ever tell you about the funny thing my dog did? Aw min.

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