Tuesday, 11 June 2013

08 06 13

Heat at last and the Oak leaves will be ready to pick next week with the Elderflowers also coming on fast. Heaps of Summer shows and markets on the calendar, so if you are looking for our wine just give us a call to see if we will be there.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

A plea to the masses

Empty Cairn o Mohr wine bottles needed for the bottle smash on Sunday 26th May at 1 pm at the Winery. Please bring them in before or on the day, cos I forgot to start collecting them early enough.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Rhubarb comes out to play

Rhubarb out now, a lovely pinky yellow colour, looks and tastes yummy. See it in the online shop.

Cafe open Wed to Sun from 27th March.
 New menu featuring the locally made Cairnoburger with various toppings, filled rolls, home made soups, scones, traybakes and cakes. Deelish.
Winery tours restarting on Sunday 31st March 2.15 then every Wednesday and Sunday until 27th October.

Working on a loyalty card for using in our winery shop to get a 10% discount and  working on new website with new website deals so watch this space.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Happy Winter

The Cairn o Mohr cafe opens up for weekends from March the 9th for weekends and 5 days a week from Wednesday March the 27th. We'll need to think of some stunt to mark it's re-opening. Any suggestions? Rhubarb wine's meant to be coming out in Easter; whether she will or no is up to her, she does take an offy long time in the dressing room. We have some other interesting drinks in the pipe-line that are mostly secret at the moment. Happy winter!

Saturday, 12 January 2013


Well it's back to al claes and porridge, straight into fizzy bottling, racking the cider and red currant wine, filtering elderflower and working on something new.

 Had a most excellent holiday with great wine orders, so thank you to everyone.

 Next date on the calendar is the Ploughed Field Sprint on Sunday 20th Jan and then Burn's Night,
so now is the time to get in your bottles of Gangs wi Haggis.


Friday, 21 December 2012

Happy Xmas abidy

Been very busy the last few months what with bottling fizzy while the weather was cold and heaps of orders fleein out the door. Last of the Red Currant wine and Cider are still fermenting in the hot box but should be finishing soon.
Bottled Magnums of Sparkling Elderflower and Sparkling Strawberry for the first time and they are looking great. Selling really well and should be up on website soon.
Only remains to wish every one a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year. Berry Christmas this year is most enjoyable, Cheers!  

Monday, 1 October 2012

1st October 2012

Well the dust has settled after Cairn o Mohr 25th Anniversary weekend and a great time was had by all.
Thanks to the musical excellence of performers Callum Edmunds, Pod and Kim, Mud in your Ear and The Dirty Beggars.
 The Citrus wine is tasting delicious and is now for sale in the on line shop.
 Elderberries and Apples in a bit short supply this year, so if you have any in your garden to bring in or for us to pick please give us a call.


Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Well, in spite of the horrendous weather, the local fruit growers still manage to supply us with the most excellent fruit , though everything is running a couple of weeks late. Still got to get in a few tons of rasps and over seven tons of strawbs, but otherwise all is well.

Working on the Citrus Wine label to launch for Winery's 25th Anniversary on Saturday 29th Sept 2012. This was the first wine Ron ever made so we've fermented a few tanks as a commemorative collector's item. Tasting good.

Going to do a bar at the Carse Fun Day and Folk Fest at Errol Airfield on Saturday 25th August. We will have our famous Cairn o Mohr Party Punch on sale, so come and visit us on the day, Cheers!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

28 06 12

Two hot days of sun and suddenly it's all go.
The Elderflowers are picked, destalked and the wine is fermenting away just fine.
 Masses of flowers are now soaking for the Sparkling Elderflower and a ton of Rasps and half a ton of Brambles came in today and a ton of Strawberries are due in on Friday.
 Also the new labels arrived for the Cider so the 2011 Vintage Cider is now available, really Appley and lightly sparkling, slightly sweeter than the 2010 Tart Cider which now has a beautiful new label as well.
Rasp/Strawb Berry Up now out for the Summer.
 All available to order online or from our shop here.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Just finishing off the May bottling with Berry Up tomorrow ( which will be on our shelves for the weekend), and the 25th  Anniversary Celebration Citrus which will be out in the Summer.

Getting ready for the Spring Oak leaf picking over the next few weeks and we will be making a trial tank of Beetroot wine from Fingask Castle Beetroot.

The New cider label is progressing at last and hopefully the new 2011 cider will be out in a month. Sweeter than the 2010 vintage it is extremely tasty and will be ready for the Summer. Still got some 2010 cider in stock for if you like a drier one.

Fisherman's Beer Festival in Broughty Ferry at the beginning of June are putting the 2011 cider on draught, as well as serving our wines, so get yourself along there to try them out.