Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Silvery Salmon

I was in the pub last night and they were talking football. Someone said it cost him £25 quid to get into Inverness. I say, I went there and got in for nothing in fact I asked them for a fiver and they gave me one (it was raining right enough) Actually they didn't give me it there and then I had to go and meet someone for it in a big shopping mall called Horrorgate or something. So I walked along the river in the pouring rain my feet getting wetter by the minute and went by a gap in the dripping trees just in time to see a man land a silvery salmon. There was nothing to say because it was all there however I felt compelled to comment so I said is that your first one today? (Is that all you've caught?) He says that's my only one I've been fishing for 3 hours.

I says what is it 3 pounds? He said 5.

I couldn't find the guy in the shopping centre. It was full of folk, presumably all looking for their fiver. I started to panic looking for an exit, pushed open a fire door and found myself on a street bewildered, not knowing which way was north or if I was in Aberdeen.

A man came up to me in the pub and said 7. Yesterday it was 28.

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