Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Another hugely successful bottle smash event with a large turnout despite the early wet conditions. The day improved as the day went on with considerable amounts of deep yellow sun raining down on us and only the occasional pathetic shower making the somewhat unconvincing visit.
 The mood was up and the tension soared to soaring point or nearby as this shambolic tournament commenced with well-organised precision, if you weren't there you should have been there and you better be there next year.

People flocked in from all corners of the earth and some that felt like material blown in from outer space, lobsterman, to compete in this prestigious truly international event.

Lewis Anderson from Inchbare won it for the juniors with a very good three bottles

Violet Gillies (Staff) kept the ladies trophy home with three

The men's trophy? Murray May woke up in time, after Rab What squared his four, to take it back in a tense sudden death playoff.

The men's trophy went off on a bus to Edzell.

Well done Edzell for a good turnout and some delightful singing that charmed the crowd and had some of us in tears.

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