Monday, 29 March 2010

New cafe opening soon

I like to use this spot to get bothersome things of my chest a bit, partly because, for me it's cathartic and also from the readers point of view, well we all enjoy a bit of agony dont we.

If I see a restaurant review with the heading everything was fine or similar I'm just not interested. Vitriol is much tastier.

Talking about food, catering is an arena that we are entering ourselves imminently with our own Cairn O Mohr Cafe opening soon.

We chose cafe over restaurant so that people dont come expecting pan seared scallops froomeled with bandycorn, topped with gampo leaves in a pool of elderflower squid ink ringed with candied larks tongues, tasty as that sounds. Gordon Ramsay, the Batman of kitchens, wont be bothering us with just a cafe methinks. That's not to say we're not ambitious with it but it's a small kitchen so, simple food done well is our intention and in the future, twisting, as required.

Stovies, soup and pies. Good coffee tea, scones and cakes and of course toast.

The Cairn o Mohr Cafe should be open by the Easter holidays.

There will be an official opening day with live music, maybe two

I've got this friend, but after his unmerited attack on Saturday night I've downgraded him to, poisonous, agitating cretin.

An irate man e-mailed us with a scathing attack on my leaflet copy with particular attention directed at the map and directions for the winery, (he got lost) He has a good point, directions should be clear so I'll fix that. Attacking my 'feeble' jokes was a little harsh though, I thought they were quality.

Should I drop the amusing content?

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