Friday, 10 September 2010

Oh Dear

Some hectic summer with a number of things going on, av no been able tae write. We had the telly here bbc2, oz clarke and hugh dennis for the hugh and dennis show which apparently is a show. Everything was ready for them, a piece of bottling, pressing, oak leaf picking wine tasting, everything in place, even a special bottle smashing thing set up as requested. they had asked us if we could muster up an enthusiastic audience for the day, a wednesday afternoon, but dont tell the papers or we'll be mobbed. so i tellt the papers and the radio.

Naan made special Oz trich stovies and er, denison stovies for the cafe. On the day a goodly squad turned up and we waited and they phoned and said they were running an hour late, in the end they were over two hours late by which time half the folk had left and the rest were pished. Still, the tv stars fitted in fine when they finally arrived and there was a gid party atmosphere going, all very relaxed. The husky voiced, lady director liked the scene and decided it should all happen around the bottle smashing arena. so we started off with a somewhat shambolic, standing, wine tasting. Oz liked it well enough and was complimentary of it, he's no a bad lad olthogh he got a hoor o a flig when one of the local militia fired off a cider stopper that went up in the air and doon judiths neck when he was speaking to her. He wisnae happy aboot that, but abdy else thot it was funny. Hugh wiz also a decent cove, soberer on accoont o driving but appeared to be enjoyin hisel onywize, in a drier way. We got goin with the informal bottle smash I had a pop but missed and was soon elbowed oot o the wy by Oz who coodnae wait ti get started. It was funny watching him standing there like an owl at a bowling alley but his form was not far off. Hugh was a good bowler and two hit the target but stotted off. Eventually Oz got ane. He wis delighted. It all started to fall apart after that, the natives desperation to become tv stars wis startin tae get ugly and the tv crew fled. Let's hope they're kind to us but it could go either way.

Wir makin oak leaf and aipples jist noo.

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