Saturday, 27 February 2010

Februarys Offering

Everyone wants their brother to do well, just not better than them.
Over the wineter (I'll leave that typo) we have been giving our labels a makeover. The old labels were starting to look a bit stale and shabby on the shop shelves. They still looked great on the table but we must to get them there first you understand. Needless to say there was some opposition to the change with my favourite comment being, ''If it ain't broke don't break it''
Yeh well, time for a change and the new design, Susan and Slim worked hard at and took a lot of time over, to maintain the general Cairn o Mohr look. The birds are still there, but we've improved the colouring muchly, more fruitier looking and tasty. Abdy seems to like the finished version and you'll start to see them soon.
We're bottling our cider just now. Did you not know we made cider? Oh aye, ye'll need tae try the Cairn O Mohr cider. I've probably told you before. Cider people tell me it's a good dry cider .
It's got body, flavour and numerous other applications that have still to be singled out and tagged.
Oh aye yil need tae try the cider.
That's enough cider.
It's something to do in the afternoon.

We're starting a cafe next month-ish, out here at the winery. Still mulling over the menu but a good stovie recipe is on the cards.
Aye looking for ideas.

I see we have a facebook Cairn O Mohr Appreciation Society which is actually very touching and I don't say actually, lightly.
I might join it.
We also have our own facebook site, it's a little sobererererer (we have to be sensible)
Everything in moderation, even moderation.
Somebody else said that.
Cheery Currant getting better all the time and the Strawberry is sublime.

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