Sunday, 17 January 2010

Gangs wi Haggis wine

I'm a fan of Burns and we have an informal Burns supper every year out at the Cairn O Mohr winery.
Naturally we drink Cairn o Mohr wine with the meal.
Sadly, after years of sampling, I had to concede that none of my wines quite worked with the Haggis.
They had too much character of their own, or something, they clashed with the spicy beast
The logical leap was to look at it from another angle and by means of an intensive blending process, design a wine specifically for the job.
Using Scottish ingredients, very important.
A Scottish wine for this, most Scottish, of all meals.
One night me and my colleague/wife, Judith, got a great big haggis, a bag o tatties and six neeps into the hoose and a bottle each, of the full Cairn O Mohr range.
We locked the door and got to work.
The next morning, when the duck crowed, we staggered out, blinking into the morning sun.
With the perfect formula. 'Gangs wi Haggis' was born
It's a secret, but there's bramble in it.
Scottish brambles of course.
How does it work? How does tatties and neeps work?
It just does..
We trailed this last year under the label attached, which we are still using until the new ones, wi Burns heid on it, arrive.( It'll be too late for Burns nicht)
It was a runaway success. We've had to make a lot more for this year. Asda has put it into all its Scottish stores.

Ron Gillies


Fred said...

Help ma boab....nae picture o' oor Rabbie.....what the heck.....I'll be in for some.....great idea folks and no afore time either!

Savannah said...

Off I go to the store to buy some wine to go with my haggis for tonight.