Tuesday, 24 April 2012


I'm liking the labels they put on jeans these days, sometimes I'm minded to keep the labels and throw the trouser away.
 On an unrelated matter, the pest control guy was in the other day and I tellt him I had a dead mouse on my desk that morning, the office erupted in mirth when I showed him that it was my electronic mouse that had expired! Yes I pulled it out, as the wee arrow had started acting like a forky tail trying to get out of the bath.
The replacement has no wire and can be taken about.
 The other day I took it across the yard.

Couldn't you or do you get a mouse shaped like a car and then you could go neeyaww, neeyaw with a rising inflection at the end unless it's an automatic and I cant remember what they sound like as I haven't had one since I had that Holden ute, fish van that had been rolled in Tasmania in 1985 trying to avoid a cat presumably. This mouse is crap as well its arrow is behaving like an epileptic gnat on speed, that's why I'm still here writing as I'm unable to escape.

Some winery news. The shop has been gutted and there is a new roof on it, the old one was rotten and we're sort of hoping it will be ready for the cafe opening up on the 16th of March but I doubt it.

 Actually it was.

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