Sunday, 19 February 2012

I've not had anything worthwhile to say for a bit. Here's and inspired
poem sent by Peter Duncan.

Subject: Gangs wi haggis

Tae Bramble and Oakleaf

Whit's 'a the fuss at Cairn o Mohr,
aboot that yin ye ne'er made afore,
An' this twinge in yer jeans that
gaed thon feelin'? jist hud it wae ma haggis, and
I wis greetin'!

Yer were richt aboot them 'comin'
freends, it was jist the same like toast wi beans!
Efter as ye ca' it a' yon
'Twas jist like Tam's usquebea, wi
ambers golden!

It sucked me in and blew me oot, of
that feelin there is nae doot,
But whit tae dae noo that Burns
Nicht is over?
Hav' a jist tae sit doon noo wi'
ordinary stuff - made frae clover?

Na, na a said tae ma quine, we'll
need mair 'o that Bramble 'n Oakleaf wine,
It's whar tae get it that I need tae
find, an' it tae shift,
None least that we got it frae a
freend as a gift!

Ye kindly folk at Cairn o Mohr, will
be able tae help me I am sure
Tae find this wine at ma local
store, an' bag it,
Tae hae wi ma tea this very week, wi
ma next haggis!

Now I'm sure that you'll be
thinkin', 'we could have a competition,
An promote oor Bramble and Oakleaf
on the website, it'll help tae sell
it - anytime'?

Ach ye've gone an beat me to it,
it's oan the web - I've jist reviewed it!
But it's good, and fits wi' Rabbie's
wise design?
So 'Tae Cairn o Mohr's Bramble n'
Oakleaf wine'

I hope ye liked this wee riposte,
an' fur words ye'll no be lost?
Yer right, poetries no that
But somehow - I still prefer the

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