Sunday, 12 December 2010


That was some snow wasnt it. I enjoyed watching the icicles grow whilst feeling something should be done about it, a fortnightly icicle collection lorry probably, let the council deal with it and it's gillies not gilleez. I'm sorry sir but if you want a service you have to allow us to correct you on the pronunciation of your name. Where are we going?

Picture the scene all the icicles spontaneously plummet stabbing people, looking down, on their way for bread and papers, blood mingles attractively in the snow. Half of western civilisation vanquished in a day by something that we didnt even know, didnt like us. Who would have thought? And then it melts and the ones who were waiting in the house for the bread and milk finally go out, bodies everywhere, till someone comes up and says maybe it was the icicles. Merry christmas everyone

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