Thursday, 28 June 2012

28 06 12

Two hot days of sun and suddenly it's all go.
The Elderflowers are picked, destalked and the wine is fermenting away just fine.
 Masses of flowers are now soaking for the Sparkling Elderflower and a ton of Rasps and half a ton of Brambles came in today and a ton of Strawberries are due in on Friday.
 Also the new labels arrived for the Cider so the 2011 Vintage Cider is now available, really Appley and lightly sparkling, slightly sweeter than the 2010 Tart Cider which now has a beautiful new label as well.
Rasp/Strawb Berry Up now out for the Summer.
 All available to order online or from our shop here.


Anonymous said...

I would love to pop over and feature you in a blog post - just found you through Mitchell's in St Andrews. said...

Hello Tabitha, Rons exhausting list of duties means hes no longer doing the websites blog, his fellow director Judith has been handed that task. Ron is joint admin with our facebook team and if you write to him there he will probably be right up for talking about the winery - hes very good at that kinda thing :)
cheers for the enquiry, sorry for delay in reply - harvest time is hectic up here just now :)
regards -the website team.